ABOUT Southern BDS

The goal of Southern BDS is to add support in those areas of business that need to continue to operate. With over 25 years of experience in the fields of Marketing, Strategic Planning, Import-Export Management, 3rd Party Cargo Inspections, Cargo Claims, Product Branding, Corporate Partnership-Sponsorship Development and others; I am confident SouthernBDS objectives will enable your business to maintain the service levels your Customers have come to expect. If your business has experienced a reduction in staffing due to financial constraints because of a corporate merger, acquisition or a plain downsizing all due to the economy and you are in need of additional support staff but your budget can not afford you to increase your fulltime staff, then turn to Southern Business Development Strategies, L.L.C.  We can fill the gap.

     (Temporary work assignments at your location are negotiable. Contact us for details on our how our services can meet your needs.)

Southern BDS, L.L.C.

Established 2008